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How do I choose the right backpack? Empty How do I choose the right backpack?

Sat Aug 15, 2020 1:05 pm
Backpacks for school and work
A school backpack must be large enough for your folders, books and lunch. That is why the backpacks that we have put here for you from 19.5 to 40 liters. Do you use a laptop at school? Then take a look at the school backpacks with a laptop compartment. Measure your laptop in advance so you choose the right format.
A backpack that takes you back and forth to work does not have to be very big. That is why we recommend that you use backpacks of less than 30 liters. So you have enough space for your laptop, a number of business documents and your lunch. Some backpacks have a smart sleeve. This way you easily attach your bag to your trolley. https://thechristiangirl.net/choosing-a-beach-bag/
Sporty backpacks
A bike backpack is suitable for both long and short bike rides. When you make a long bike ride, a backpack with built-in hydration system is handy. This keeps you always hydrated. A bicycle backpack is also equipped with back ventilation. So you have less problems with perspiration while cycling.
If you go out for a day or mountain walk, we recommend a smaller backpack with back ventilation. So you walk comfortably and keep your back cool. A vest and a bottle of water easily fit into a backpack up to 25 liters. Do you go hiking for several days or on a trekking trip? Take a look at our journey backpacks or backpacks.
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